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Originally Posted by spdfrk View Post
I'm sorry you feel power and efficiency are mutually exclusive. If you improve your rolling resistance, unsprung mass and aerodynamics and then reduce friction you free up torque and horsepower to improve performance when you need it...
Unfortunately in the case of the 3.9L V6 that my car has, which is a 2v push-rod engine that is coupled to an automatic transmission, there are few power and "go faster" modifications that do not result in a loss of fuel economy. I have LRR tires on it, that handle well. However the result was not that great of a mpg markup, and I would rather put fuel economy effort into my new Swift, and reserve my mustang for those occasionally outings that are more about the fun of driving.

Trust me I don't feel that the two things are mutually exclusive, especially with these more modern mustangs that can push 350 hp (in the case of the new 4 cyl) as well as achieve nearly 30 mpg (sticker). But in the case of a now "Outdated" engine design as well as my desire to have a small hatchback as a daily driver, this was the best case scenario.

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