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No real hurry here, I'll keep an eye out for some reviews. I like the name brand components especially the battery, but the listed battery cycle life seems short. Listed top speed of 28 mph would be fine especially if it was without pedal assist.

I've seen some signs of improvement in quality in Chinese made products, otherwise I would not even consider either an add on or factory built. The 30 day return policy, as long as it starts upon receipt of the bike would work well enough for a decent quality review.

Based on what I have read about building your own, personally the difference in price and the compounding of reliability issues with building from components, including my habitually bad luck when making purchases, makes me seriously consider this option.

Another factor is the only way out of my neighborhood is route 143, which drops from 55 mph, just east of me to 45 mph for 2 more miles to the west make me want something that has power and speed.

Considering the $300 it would cost to license and insure any motorcycle, I like the e bike option.

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