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Staying ahead of the wear curve pays more than day to day FE as shortened work life means another vehicle. Depreciation is low on yours, now, so don't make mistake of allowing deterioration as is usually done. I would be spending $2-5k on something like yours from the day of purchase. Too much experience the past forty some odd years that always argued for staying ahead.

Truck handling is not well appreciated. The test is to stay lane-centered despite all difficulties. Mines a slot car . . how's yours? Mine will have zero corrections to your many, and what it does have will, literally, be done with thumb and forefinger. On a freeway entry cloverleaf or other where we may compare speed. Etc.

Keep thinking thru the problem. You aren't there yet. Number of steering corrections and need to bleed speed to accommodate these lunkers is what separates them. Best shocks and suspension mods only downside is upfront money. A set of tires is $1300 for me. But they last over 120k. I could easily have wasted your savings by making the tires work harder. Etc.

Handling is huge.
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