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Again I cannot disagree with you in principle, and really appreciate your comments, but perhaps you have the wrong idea about my intended vehicle use here. This is my personal daily driver for now, but is intended to be an extra, backup vehicle in the hopefully not-too-distant future. A weekend work truck and camper hauler. Even as it is right now, I'm only driving it around 100 miles per week. No commercial hauling, no plans to ever hit 250k miles on this thing. It only has 89k miles now.

It simply does not make sense for me to blow $3000 into my suspension, nor could I afford or justify doing so. The truck rides well now, steers well, tracks straight, etc. I will try to upgrade and maintain the truck as best as I can, but throwing money at parts that may not even actually need replacement is not really responsible behavior, you know what I mean? If I "get behind the wear curve" a little, I can replace parts to bring it back again. The truck is not going to collapse into a worthless pile because the shocks get soft. And while I don't really care too much about resale value or depreciation, because I hope to keep this bad boy around forever, I'm more concerned with preventing body rust, frankly. That's what actually kills trucks and takes them off the road here in Michigan.

And from a fuel economy standpoint.... with sub-$2 gasoline, my wallet doesn't really care what mpg I get. But my pride and guilt do, and my general belief that we all just have to use less of this sh!t. I can do aero-mods for almost free... no reason not to. Steering and suspension work will be as-needed, because A) I have no garage to work in myself, and B) not much spare cash at the moment. Hopefully I can fix both of those points within the next 1-1.5 years though.
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