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Gotta change the house bulbs again?

From the 90's to the early 00's, there was the huge push and even legislation for 'Gorebulbs' (Energy independence and Security Act in 2007, signed in by Bush) compact florescent lamps. A very political tech 'hot potato' to help push out incandescent bulbs. The crappy color temperature, fragile materials and the mercury in them, hoped to go full-compliance, live up to their billing, save lots of money and save the environment. Ironically CFLs were really the first victim of the 'spirit' of the legislation, it kept the advancement of tech efficiency and helped the newer, cheaper and much better LED bulb. GE announced it will cut off the production of CFLs.

General Electric Will Stop Producing Compact Fluorescent Lamps to Focus on LEDs - CityLab

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