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cost ~ should be based on use

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Well, they do have a point. The cost to maintain the power lines really has nothing to do with how much electricity you use.
The city does this with the water. I use less than 1/15 of the average, but the city charges me 75 percent of the average. People who use 5 times the average only pay 50 percent more. Thus those of use who conserve are paying for those who use excessive amounts. The city's excuse is that most of the cost is for infrastructure. This is wrong, and I wish there was some way to make the cost more equitable.

Imagine if gasoline pumps charged everyone for infrastructure, and you paid about the same regardless of how many gallons you filled up. If you got only 5 gallons, you'd pay almost as much as someone who filled up a truck. Likewise, gas, electric and telephone bills would be almost the same for everyone, regardless of how much was used.
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