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pay for your use

Originally Posted by darcane View Post
How is it "wrong"? Water is cheap, it literally falls from the sky. The majority of the cost is building/maintaining the system to clean/treat it and deliver it to your house. Charge a flat rate per gallon, and your neighbors have to pay for your share of the infrastructure. That seems wrong to me.
Water is not cheap. The cost of the infrastructure is for delivery of the water, and is directly linked to the amount of water that is used. If wasteful people didn't use water excessively, then most of the infrastructure would not be necessary and overall fees would be less. It is wrong for the 90 percent of people who use less than the average amount, to pay for the excess, because we are not the reason for the infrastructure needing to be built.

I'm fine with that system of fees so long as the costs accurately reflect the per-household infrastructure costs.
Well then you shouldn't be fine with paying fees for people who are the reason for them in the first place, and who don't pay their fair share. They should pay for my fees, but instead of that, it's the other way around.
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