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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
Do not use anything but atf+4 fluid in a chrysler transmission. The reason chrysler transmissions have a bad rep is uninformed shops and other people doing maintenance thought, and would preach, that dexron with an additive was the same as atf+4. IT'S NOT!!!!!!!
I did make sure to find ATF+4 to put in it, so I'm safe there.

It has thrown a p1740 code a couple times now, but both those times were shortly after I was fiddling around with taking it in and out of O/D. I'm guessing that somehow something is stuck so that it won't come out of overdrive-- I was driving 55, pressed the "O/D Off" and I could hear the torque converter come out of lock, and then lock back up, but it didn't actually shift down into 3rd. I did that a few or eight times, and then next time I started it up there was a nice yellow Check Engine Light. I'm not going to be towing anything, so my plan is to just leave it in O/D permanently and hope the light doesn't flick back on. We'll see how it goes.

The plan for the van is to use it as a road-trip/campermobile, not as a tow rig, so I think this should be fine for now.

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