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Car arrived today, I'm super impressed so far.

Initial thoughts in absolutely no particular order.

1) I'm amazed how good of condition the car is in, the listing made it look beat up, we had to look to find the 3 door dings. Without question the best condition car I have ever purchased including a brand new car.
2) The 12 volt battery had 12.1 volts in it just after a 15 mile drive coming off of a full traction battery charge. I put it on an automotive battery charger and got 19.8 amp hours in to the battery according to the Whatts Up that is inline with the charger. I totally don't know total capacity, but it isn't a physically large battery.
3) Wow, such smooth power delivery, B mode is probably to much regen for me, but it is pretty great driving with only 1 foot (Tesla style) excluding preventing "creep"
4) I haven't really figured out how long the "gear selector" needs to be pulled to get it in neutral, sometimes I get it, other times I have to try again. I'm sure I'll figure it out.
5) hearing a Prius ICE fire up next to me with my windows up was quite a wild experience.
6) I have GOT to get a louder horn, this horn is ridiculous. I think yelling would be more effective.
7) the turn signal flasher seems way way to loud. I'm sure it is normal, but it sure does sound loud.
8) My 50 amp Open EVSE seems pretty great, I wired it up to a 50 amp breaker with 6 gauge wire. It is silent, I can't feel anything warm (but will check it with thermal camera tomorrow. Car draws 27-27.6 amps through it.
9) Wireless key (similar to Prius) is fantastic. I think the time saved not digging for keys MIGHT make up the time difference of plugging / unplugging everyday. Makes me wish that Apple Watch operated the car.
10) The back seat floor is high(er than I expected), but leg room is solid.
11) ride quality is a strange thing, it soaks up massive bumps like a champ, but small bumps don't feel all that much different than the massive ones.

Overall very fun so far.
Pics coming soon.
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