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Rofl Box, is driving 55mph safe in your area? I am driving 60mph and not feeling safe already. This weekend, I feel other cars driving slower, which is good for me. Most cars are still driving 65mph, and some 60mph, like me. Last week, I was the only one driving 60mph, and others at 70mph.
By the way, I've got the best mpg in this tank. Is costco's gas better than valero? I've got 41mpg!!! 40+ 3 tanks in a roll!!!
Thank you for everybody's help. My mpg increases from 38mpg to 41mpg in one month.
My mpg improvement history:
70mph -> 65mph, 10W30 -> 5W30, 35psi -> 40psi = 35mpg -> 38mpg
40psi -> 44psi, upper grille block = 38mpg -> 39mpg
65mph -> 60mph, shift < 3k rpm, = 39mpg -> 40mpg
Switch to synthetic transmission oil = 40mpg -> 41mpg

Now, my next goal is 45mpg. What is my next mod suggestion? Scanguage? belly pan? I am sure that will help, but I am not sure if that will have 4mpg improvement.
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