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Hello guys, I'm trying to build this board (thank you so much for making this open source Mr. Holmes, such kindness) but I have a couple of questions worrying me:
1.I have Lem La 100-p current sensors at hand and these things require +-15V supply voltage.If I connected these to the circuit with 5v and ground would they work like yours?(like 2.5V at 0A and ~5V at max current)
If not is it possible to make an external circuit that will make the sensor reading the same format with it?

2.Is it possible to replace 5x22uF MLCC ripple smoothing capacitors feeding bjts with single 100 uF electrolytic aluminum-tantalum ones with the polarity in mind or would reverse transients blow up these ones? If it is possible what were the reasons for choosing 60 pieces of relatively expensive capacitors?

and finally
3.If I supplied the dc bus voltage from a rectified high power 3 phase transformer with no ground connection and 24V from AC-DC converter fed with same grid would it cause a isolation & short circuit fault?

Would you enlighten about these issues? Sorry for being a pain in the neck
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