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Originally Posted by dann_04 View Post
I'm not sure what manufacturer made the abs components on this car, guessing honda because they are still stock. I know it is the abs system because that is the only thing that feels like that on the brake pedal, it is like a turning gear is hitting the brake pedal and causing that very familiar vibration through it. I am wondering if it is the self check system as i believe on this car it does an abs self check a certain amount of time after the car is turned on, and if i turn it off and then back into the on position then it would theoretically reset the circuit and run another self check and perhaps i am braking sometimes when it is self checking? I mean the abs should be working when the ignition is in the on position correct? The eps does a reset and then works, the air bags work, the radio works, the speedo works, why would the abs and ebd be the only electrical systems not to function after the circuit is reset?
You are correct. If you feel a puslation in the brakes after you put it back into ignition then it is the self test mode that all slip control modules do when they get ignition power again. If it only happens after you turn the key back to ignition then you will get a pulsation of all coils (8 if it is ABS and 13 if it is brake TC/ESC) along with a running of the motor.

FYI, no vehicle manufacturer maks their own ABS or ESC units. They are all from Tier 1 suppliers that specialize in this unit. Cost and speciality are the main reason. I am not aware of any aftermarket replacements either, not really feasible but everything is possible with the right time and money.

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