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The brake pedal is evil
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I can believe that a tune and EGR delete can achieve good numbers. Back when my parent's F350 7.3L (with dully fenders, front air deflector, and rain guards) was on the transmission it came to us with, it pulled 20 MPG with a slushbox. Turns out it had a chip it in that ran up the boost, when the transmission blew there was no option but to revert to stock to keep the transmission in warranty. Lost 5 MPG to going back to stock EPROM values.

On the topic of emissions:
It looks like volvo is messing with a system that goes engine-> DPF -> SCR that doesn't need active regen.
Getting sensor data off of a pre OBDII Toyota ECU via TDCL.
All of this is on E10: Project E is my current focus.

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