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They are the single component most blamed.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Aren't they also the single component most prone to failure in new diesels?
Look at Oil Pan4's answer to your post. There is more to this than the DPF, but the DPF will be blamed if one is in the building.

If you are losing engine oil from a seal or ring, the DPF will load up and it will be blamed.

If you have coolant leaking into your exhaust causing solid deposits, the DPF will clog and be blamed.

If your EGR valve is stuck open and your soot production increases, the DPF will load up and be blamed.

If your injectors are worn and are imperfectly metering fuel, your DPF will load up and be blamed.

Get my drift.

It's a system, and it has room to improve.

And I do not agree with Oil Pan4's sentiment to rip out emission systems just because he lives in nice clean and free New Mexico. The emissions from diesels affect our elderly and growing kids the most. Do you want a school bus like the ones from just a few decades back transporting our kids? How about the retirement home shuttle moving seniors back and forth? How about sitting behind one of these coal rollers at a stop light?

Your exhaust is my air.

And yes, I have several diesels in my possession. Including a pair of Dodge Cummins diesels including the problematical 2008 model year with EGR and DPF. I have installed and tested several emissions systems of my design. I am going through reliability testing at this point. You can get economy and clean air all at the same time. The problem is the sensitivity to faults in the engine system. Gone are the days when I could run my mechanically injected Mercedes diesel with one cylinder passing oil past the rings and all the valve stem seals leaking oil and all the manner of crud accumulating on my injectors, and all I had to do was turn up the boost and the smoke went away.
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