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I'm back in town, I haven't updated yet because I ended up with 2 right side headlights. I then returned the worse condition (which had 0 tabs remaining despite being advertised as "Like New") and tried for another Left, that one arrived today with 2 broken tabs (out of 4) a cracked lens, and 2 cracked trim components. Instead of dealing with another junkyard I decided to repair this one, it is 75% done at this point. I only knew about the tabs when I purchased.

I don't know what the difference between VW junk yards and Nissan junkyards, but out of the dozens of parts I have ordered from no less than 5 countries with language barriers I have never had a single part fall below expectations. So far my Nissan experience is 1 for 3.

The car continues to impress, I've let 2 oilfield friends drive it and both of them were amazed, one is ready to buy one when oil goes back up (his income will rise). Most people that I've shown it to has been amazed such a thing exist.
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