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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
"Drove the chassis." I would be a menace to society, hooning around in a barebones chassis, sitting on a bucket and laughing like a loon.

The Firebird was designed to mount up to a big block V8 so it's probably more than tough enough, but is the conversion to front drive an issue? It wasn't intended to be pulled around by the front but pushed from the rear.

I assume you're selling these cutoff like-new pieces to shops to recoup some of the costs.
your thinking of it likes hes putting prius parts onto a firebird. he is making a firebird flavored prius. the sheet metal has naught to do with suspension geometry. it will probably, for all intents and purposes, be much safer and stable than an original live axle fire bird.

This is an awesome project. and just going to throw this out there, you are an engineer. you can move easily moveable parts to the back of the car. the thing cant possibly need a massive ammount of cooling capacity. half of the fun is fitting the bits within the original confines of the body!!
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