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Originally Posted by teknomage2012 View Post
What to expect past turtle mode

Today I found a few pointers
When stretching the range it is better to coast than to regen.
When the turtle shows up find your parking of choice at the next most convenient space immediately.
Once you coast past turtle; the high voltage battery contactor opens, Regen no longer works, and the 12v dc/dc converter shuts down.
If your flashers have been on long enough, or any other total 12 vdc loads have pulled the battery low; windows roll down better than up, you may not be able to shift to neutral nor get it out of park, the instrument cluster, door locks, and things start to wig out...
Any car or 12 vdc can replenish a drained battery with a pair of jumper cables to get to nutral for towing.
If you don't go past turtle mode like I did, you can tow regen with up to full regen braking almost as fast as a QC L3 station (a 5 10 min tow to the nearest gas station can add a quite a few miles of range)
I didn't know about the opening of the contacter part, thanks for the Info.

I haven't hit turtle yet, but came SUPER close the other day when I arrived at my destination with 15 miles on the Guess O Meter and got a call that I HAD to go back to the shop 19 miles away. I just took the back roads and kept speeds down until I saw a large 5th wheel RV behind me so I pulled over in a drive way for him to pass then drafted (closer than I would like to admit) for the majority of the way back,

Originally Posted by teknomage2012 View Post
The street cred and karma credits of driving a leaf are amazing.
Within moments of crisis I had a fellow leafer flag me down and went the extra mile helping me through the ordeal towing me to the nearest QC station and ensuring it registered KWH charged.
Additionally a young couple in a sports car stopped and tendered assistance with communications through all this, within short order of my leaf finding it's uphill resting space.
Wow, another Leaf driver, I've only seen 1 (besides mine) in town EVER.
I have been shocked at the "Street Cred" / Karma of the Leaf as well, everybody just seems to like the thing which I amazed by in my part of the world.

Having a QC station makes me jealous, my nearest one is about 130 miles away, but my car doesn't even have the CHADEMO option so that is double moot.
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