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Wow guys, thanks, that was quick and already learning more & more. #newb

"How much to pay it off, and what would it be worth in trade toward the next vehicle?"

I am upside down on the Volt, but a few grand should make that right again. Even if it were paid off 100% it'd be more car than i need for where the rest of my finances are (according to MMM & ERE early retirement forums & my own opinion). Just kind of resetting a lot of things in life.

"Did you really put 36K miles on it in one year? Hopefully it'll outlive the payments! I'd be afraid to rack that kind of mileage up in a 3-4k beater, you might be better off staying in your current car."

Agreed, but i'd rather it be on a beater with a good history than on a car that has a payment, for other people this would make sense but not yet for me.

"Oh, and welcome "

Thanks RedDevil, never saw that page until now. Newby, handle with care ha.

Tons of great advice guys/gals. Lots of reading and learning to do on my end. Thanks for the welcome everyone!
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