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How I lightened up my Geo Metro by 70 lbs

I bought my Geo Metro a week ago last wednesday for double the FE of my delivery vehicle (I sell & deliver 79-08 Mustang rims) and have put nearly 1000 miles on it already. It got 46 mpg for the 195+ mile trip home and after putting on new plug wires, cap, and rotor it got 53.6 mpg at about 5 mph less. Weight hurts performance and FE on everything so this last weekend I did what I set about to do. I also use this car with my 2 year old in his car seat so the back seat stayed entirely.

The car was 1800 lbs as it sat with a full tank of fuel, some extra toys and clothes for the kid and the baby seat.

I took out a few tools, frt lisc brkt,spare tire clamp, spare fiberboard cover, spare tire rubber sound deadoner, rear shock tower covers, misc screws, and all rear compartment trim. ONLY 11 lbs 6 oz total

Next removed was the drivers junk floor mat, extra ink pens, interior trim from both side mirrors, cigarette lighter, and ash tray. ONLY 4 lbs 4 oz more for a total of 15 lbs 10 oz.

Took out some extra clothes and toys. ONLY 2 lb 9 oz for a total of 18 lbs 3 oz.

Out next were a book, floor trim beside both front seats, trim around handbrake,metal bracket on left frt side of console. ONLY 4 lbs 5 oz for a 22lb 8 oz total.

Next was reducing # of excess keys on chain, screw driver, a couple of half empty water bottles, and lots of loose change. ONLY 1 lb 1 oz for a total of 23 lbs 9 oz.

Now I remove the passenger side wiper arm and replace the drivers side 20" blade with a 24" one, just like my drag car, and remove the "oh hell" passenger side handle. ONLY 1 lb 1 oz for a total of 24 lbs 10 oz.

Getting a bit more serious now, out with the worn out carpet and the rubber and cloth sound deadoner on the fire wall. ONLY 13 lbs 6 oz for a total of 38 lbs. (My goal was 30 lbs to the point I am now)

Last to go....passenger seat, but left the belt in place...if I need room for me, the kid, and 2 others I can simply reinstahl the seat in 5 minutes.....32 lbs for a grand total of 70 lbs!

This is about as far as I will go on this car for wt reduction. I have now added some thin plastic headlight covers and had removed the passenger side mirror, but reinstalled it since I like its usefulness. My next step will be some sort of grill to go on the bumper opening to help air flow and still have air going to the radiator.

On my race car I took the extra steps of removing the dash, all the glass except the windshield and replaced with Lexan....not practical for mornings where ice scrappers are needed.....the rear bumper is a PVC copy and I've also cut out all inner door supports, window crank mechanisms except drivers door, and replaced floor pan panels with alluminum. The car was near 2400 lbs and now is 1810 lbs, Geo like, but with a 2.5 instead of 1.0 and the one wiper is still on it and the heater is still in place since ity is still street driven.

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