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Originally Posted by Isaac Zackary View Post
However, if I keep one of the current vehicles that I have (choice right now between a 1972 Super Beetle, a 1985 VW Golf and a 2001 Chevy Astro) and a Leaf, I think that would be the most economic, for now, with the advantage of owning a newer car. Plus I'd have an electric car! There's just something about having an electric that intrigues me. Maybe it's not the best choice. Maybe a VW diesel isn't the best choice either. Nor my air-cooled Beetle. But I'm just that kind of guy who likes things that are different. (e.g. Windows Phone.) A Mirage is just another typical gasoline car to me. There's nothing about it that says, "Hey, it's time to think outside of the box!"
It sounds like the Leaf is an appropriate choice, definitely not a terrible one.
It also it sounds like you really want one.
So if you went with something else you are going to feel like you settled for something less that what you really wanted.
People buy cars all the time that are less than ideal for their situation (giant 4wd tanks to drive 2 miles to pick up the kids from school). In your case there is much to support going with a Leaf but the biggest thing going for it is that it sounds like it would make you happy.
There would need to be a very compelling case before i would choose a car that didn't make me happy.
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