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Originally Posted by shaggythegangsta View Post
i'm waiting e*clipse's answer he is checking also the code.
Hi shaggy/e*clipse,

I'm hoping one (or both ) of you can help me with some questions I have about the controller code as I understand that Paul is fairly occupied (your input is still very much welcomed though, Paul - in fact anyone who feels so inclined).

I've downloaded the version that is on Paul's Github repository and I've been 'playing' (the best word to describe what I'm doing) with it in Mplab X. I created a project and made some small changes to get it to build for the original 4011 chip (the uart.h header is referenced as UART.h so need to change the name to match and there was a misreferenced config bit entry BORV_27 vs BORV20, I think) - feeling pretty good since I don't really understand what these portions are doing but at least I got it to build

Now Paul sent me the new board PCB and SCH files (thank you Paul!) and I see that the design is centered on the 6015 chip. After creating a new project in Mplab X and changing the code to use the built in 6015 header definitions, I used a brute-force approach (build, check and fix errors - Google, tear hair out, pray, not necessarily in that order - lather, rinse repeat) until the code built successfully. I know this isn't all that is involved in porting to the 6015 platform So now the questions:

(1) What other areas should be considered for porting? (It's been well over 20 years since I've done any microprocessor coding and that was in assembly - its all gone! So any pointers would be appreciated)

(2) Is there any helpful material on C code anatomy for the microp that you can point me to? Something that can help me understand the functional "blocks" of the code so I can more easily relate to it. E.g., I'm assuming there is some initializing of the chip, then some definitions on how the ports allow it to interact with the real world(?), and then actually getting the microp to sense and then react to the real world (read, interpret, write). I really want to fully understand what's going on in the code.

Thanks in advance for any consideration afforded me.
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