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Awesome. Thank you for the tribute, too!.
I needed to redirect the governor springs to pull harder against the flyballs. That gave me 3800 rpm wide open with no load. Stock it only went up to 2200 rpm maximum. I also took a shim out of the injector plate to advance the timing a few degrees. It has more diesel clatter now.

A side note....accidentally drop the governor spring and it disappears forever into rotating parts. Its a real pain to find and fish out. I think I reconnected the existing spring further up the governor arm to get more rpm. There was an extra hole there as I recall. Maybe something to do with setting the governor to work with 1800 rpm or 3600 rpm for 4 pole or 2 pole generator operation.

The Kubota injection timing is fixed. Not good, like a lawn mower engine. Automotive governors have actual fuel advance cams to make it more drivable. I wish this did but it was tolerable at the time. I got 63mph maximum in 5th on the flat. The flat foot shifting was a trip! 35 to 50mph was doable all day in mild rolling hills.

There is a protected screw in the front of the governor that limits the fuel rack travel. Back it out too much and it will roll coal like a tractor puller. I was thinking about bypassing the governor altogether and connect the throttle linkage directly to the fuel rack. That would allow 3800 rpm+ shifts and allow fuel to be directly proportional to gas pedal position. In the stock setup, the fuel rack is connected by a weak spring to the governor arm which has another strong spring connected to your throttle linkage. Right now, the governor tries to add maximum fuel at low rpms as it was made for a generator. The stock governor ''droop'' band is very narrow. When it senses load demand (step on the gas slightly) it goes to maximum fuel rack stroke and smokes. This is why I wanted to bypass the flyballs and run a direct proportional movement from the accelerator linkage...from idle to foot-to-the-floor wide open should be fuel rack at idle to fuel rack wide open. No springs or governor arms to diddle with. I am sure that would make it feel more like a gasoline engine with carb.

I never got further than that. My registration expired 3 weeks later and the State of Kalifornia would not renew it as it was no longer an original gas engine. I have a brand new IHI turbo for it as well. More air into the engine means less coal. I found a guy who was able to get the State to OK his VW diesel Rabbit powered Geo Tracker with great difficulty. They are very strict now.

Great job, well done! You got the most frustrating parts done....
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