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Why not just import a Trablant.

After driving THAT a Mirage will seem like a "new century" car which it is. Anyone want to drive mine stop by if you're near. I leave virtually everything behind me on cloverleafs. The handling on mine is very neutral, so caution is the rule when approaching the limits.

I've driven significantly better, capable of 70MPH on the standard Interstate cloverleaf.
Routinely doubling the max safe speed on any corner. I won't try that on my Mirage, but with decent camber readings (one side barely out of specs) and toe close to 0, it works great for me and I have driven a Nissan NX2000 around an auto cross on 3 wheels.

The 70 mph Interstate cloverleaf car was a 1959 Corvette, which had no rubber in the front suspension with threaded steel bushings, requiring 3k lube intervals. Basically a 1953 Chevy front suspension, with manual steering and manual drum brakes.

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