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So I've finished comparing 4011 pinouts w/ 6015 pinouts.

Paul - you're right - only a couple differences.

Paul - could you send me a schematic for that new board?

I'll make sure the code works for that. - Assuming you haven't already done this... hopefully this effort will help yours.

Also - Paul & thingstodo - what is the oscillator frequency on the boards you're running? The schematic I have says 8Mhz.

Paul - the code seems to have a lot of complexity so it will work for everything. What do you think about putting stuff into little sub-programs?

For example, a separate *c or *h file for the different motor configurations. The one that gets used only needs to be in the include list before compiling. It would make it easier to focus on stuff that will be different (like changing or editing the sub-program).

I could also make a display function so a lot of the complexity in main could be removed.

If done right, it will function identically; it will just be easier to adjust stuff.

- E*clipse
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