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It does have a lot of complexity for working with all motors. I like the idea of separating it into distinct include files. I think it's too soon for there to be a single hex file for everything. My thinking was, it would be nice to have everything all in one file, so someone could get a single programmed microcontroller, and would then be free to order whatever sort of motor they watned, but during development that's a lot of trouble. When there's so much being changed for specific motor types, it makes more sense to do what you suggest, and just have a file that's dedicated to that motor type.

As usual, I love all your ideas! I'll send you the new schematic/pcb stuff.
EDIT: I forgot. It's a 7.3728MHz Crystal. That 8MHz is what it used to be, but the only way you can do 30MIPS is to use the 7.37.
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