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Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post
2ft Of ice on the lake and no boat
Thank you for making my point this is exactly why I am looking to get a model tested
And this is the response from Darko

Your truck is too big for the Darko Tech tunnel.

After your call I talked with Gary at Aerodyn and A2. The A2 tunnel can accommodate your size but the weight is an issue. Call A2 for possibilities.

Good luck with the project.


Layne Christensen
Darko Technologies
766 Depot Drive Suite 1
Ogden, UT 84404
Too bad, I'm going to visit family in Ogden this summer

A2 Website said
A2 Wind TunnelA2 Wind Tunnel
"Balance: External 6 component load cell balance; 4200 lbs capacity."
My truck is 5520lbs 2wd full size

Aerohead this 27% is not a 1 best tank# if i go that route. ..
22.63 Best naked tank. Vs
27.33mpg best with cap =20.77% improvement ,still 41.54%
The 27% is based on thousands of real world miles including loaded excding10,000lbs at 62.5 ,3-4shift point, to75mph
I adjusted my "TV"cable to move my shift point downto 50mph Next trip to the VA 200mi ill run 55 and report
I apologize for not following through,checking Hucho's Diesel vs Gasoline relationship / delta-CdA.Let me look into that.
I think we have 3-other caps similar to yours. Two have been CFD analyzed,and road tested.Let me try and dig out that data.
I'm limiting my trips to town,trying to be ready for Darko.It may be Saturday before I'm online again.
Enjoy that 27%.That's very sweet!
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