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little jona - '91 Dodge D 250 first gen cummins LE
Team Streamliner
90 day: 23.4 mpg (US)

Little Jona airo modded - '91 Dodge RAM 3/4 TON D 250 24 AUTO
Team Cummins
90 day: 18.5 mpg (US)

The Salted Hound Jenny. - '87 Dodge Ram 50/D-50 5sp 4X4
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Jona Allison aero - '91 Dodge Ram D-250 Le
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I sent pictures that included the dimensions from my brake components to the ground and all the dimensions of the truck in a 360 fashion and Darkos answer was no a stock 91 Dodge d250 is too large for their wind tunnel. As to getting a Baseline the v1.2 cap weighs 35 pounds and can be handled by me or somebody smaller with ease the headache rack portion weight might be 50 pounds and I can have it stripped down to stock configuration in 15 minutes 30 minutes tops with an assistant make it 5 minutes as to the missing tires I can simulate with wood with the same spacing and protrusion but it still doesn't fit in the tunnel so back to models
Too bad they didn't ever put a Cummins in the Dakota, S-10, D-50, T100 then imy truck would fit. But I don't think it would be wise to put over a ton of payload into any of those small size trucks or pull a '85 F-250 4x4 on a 2000lbs trailer
thank you for your help looking forward to getting a 1:8 or whatever size he says will fit in his (grays garage) water Channel. printed with modifications that can be removed and or added to the stock configuration to go towards where I want to be
Small list aerodynamic parasites to address
Complete :
Aero cap

To do or develop :
Wrap around rain gutters (if testing shows that is worth the hours under the welding hood and in the paint booth).
Flat front/ recessed bucket halogen 55/65 watt headlights.
Almost vertical recess flat windshield.
Protruding bumpers( stick out past the body sides increasing frontal area in front and a giant scoop sticking out the side of the body and underbelly in the rear).
No air dam.
Excessive ground clearance (16"Under front bumper 21"rear of bed).
excessive rake .
Giant room for the tires and still have room for a cookie Fender Wells.
Lack of Front of tire spats and or full motion wheel enclosures for summers .
1st gen cummins 91.5 dodge d250 ,HX35W/12/6 QSV
ehxsost manafulld wrap, Aero Tonto
best tank: distance 649gps mi 24.04 mpg 27.011usg
Best mpg : 31.32mpg 100mi 3.193 USG 5/2/20

'83 GMC S-15 Jimmy 2door 2wd O/D auto 3.73R&P
'79 Chevy K20 4X4 350ci 400hp msd custom th400 /np205. 7.5-new 14mpg modded befor modding was a thing
87' Hyundai Excel
83 ranger w/87 2.9 L FI2wd auto 18mpg on the floor
04 Mitsubishi Gallant 2.4L auto 26mpg
06 Subaru Forrester XT(WRX PACKAGE) MT AWD Turbocharged 18 plying dirty best of 26mpg@70mph
95Chevy Blazer 4x4 auto 14-18mpg
04 Chevy Blazer 4x4 auto 16-22mpg

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