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brine soup

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
6 months away? Sorry I won't be there. But I've worked out a plan to get my car back on the road. There's a lift reserved and I've already started on the payments.

The good news is it will have a 'mileage motor' stroker 1776 with dual Solex carbs. Given my bestest ever 37mpg tank, that should make 40mpg an attainable goal.

It sounds like you're down on Bonneville. For me it's that brine soup I drove through. Remember the coin-op car wash? I don't think my car recovered from that.
I put front pads on the truck,and was appalled to see what the salt bath had done to the rotors.The cooling slots were completely blocked shut with rust!
Gary took a look at Bonneville 'Lake' in 2014,put his tail between his legs,and high-tailed it back to Colorado.He wasn't going to risk getting any of that stuff on his Prius.
I'll go back if it hasn't rained.
Don't put too much more power in the Beetle or you'll have to wear a Hans Device during shifting.Your's is the quickest Vdub I've ever been in!
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