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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I want to know how those rust-brown Model T speedsters do it.

Maybe a static electric charge from the Model T coil?

At the gate the guy told me I could park there and hitch a ride in. I told him I needed a picture of my car on the salt and he just said "I understand."
I've looked around the web and came up empty.
U.S.Steel used to produce a 'COR-TEN' corrosion-resisting bare steel cladding used in commercial architecture (Westinghouse had an office building made of it,located along I-35 between Denton and Austin).
Unless water puddled on it,it was essentially impervious to 'new' oxidation.
The rat rods guys may just wash the 'ell out of their rigs when they get back to dry land.
One former IBM engineer said he parked his car over lawn sprinklers when he got back home.
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