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Alright, well I've met with cfg83 and we spent a whole day working on the skeleton for the wheel covers... Since I had replaced my jack and spare tire with fix-a-flat we couldn't jack my car up (we tried his jack but the bolts on my tire were slightly larger and so we couldn't get the wheel off), drilling was impossible with the wheel on.

We tried the window security lock idea listed above this post, but it wasn't secure enough... it was going loose with a little abuse... we also tried buying mini clamps from home depot and those didn't work either... there was either not enough room in the wheel well to clamp them or there wasn't enough room between them and the tire to install.... so we scratched that idea too...

What we ended up doing was hot gluing neodymium magnets to both the car and the frame and having the magnets attach to each other, making this skirt cage easily detachable, simple wrench off and snap back on... the attraction between two neodymium magnets was so powerful that it took us great effort to separate them from each other... there is no way I can hit a bump hard enough to get the magnets to fly off of each other.

Here are the pictures:

Wheel with cage on

Same wheel with cage, view from the back

Same wheel with cage, view from the front

Same wheel, view from the top:

Same wheel, closeup of how close the plastic bit gets to the wheel

Same wheel, closeup of how the joint in the cage is hotglued and ziptied together

Closeup of magnet glued to car

Closeup of magnet glued to top of wheel

closeup of magnet glued to cage

cage shown taken off of wheel

Other wheel (left wheel) view

Other wheel back view

Other wheel view from front

Other wheel angle view

Other wheel top down view

Other wheel angle 2

Other wheel angle 3

Back of car view

Much thanks to cfg83 for the help, tools, opinions, and manpower for doing this, we will be modding his car next.

Please please give us some feedback on this, how does it look? Did I go too low on the tire (since the car curves inwards from the top), thoughts? Opinions? Rants?
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