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search terms

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
IIRC COT-TEN was developed for railroad hopper cars, where they couldn't keep paint on them. It sort of self-repairs as is wears.

Left alone to weather, it spalls large, thin flakes like de-laminating wafer-board.

What did you use for search terms? I think of cathodic protection, but that possibly relies on being immersed in water.

Edit: According to people who try this get sued by the FTC.

But aluminum is a suitable sacrificial anode. So I'm suspicious. Probably has to do with pulsed DC (DC bias imposed on AC) at some harmonic frequency.
I looked for oxidation limited bare steel architectural building cladding.I'd seen it on the Westinghouse office complex and asked about it back in the early 80s.
Gary,who did the videography at Darko,used to be involved with cathodic/anodic protection for buried pipelines.He might be worth some questions.
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