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Two words: shark mouth.

But my greatest fear is a stick-on electronic emoji face driven by a smartphone app. Jalopnik:

Why The Tesla Model 3 Will Succeed In The End

The Chevrolet Bolt. The Hyundai Ioniq. Even the Nissan Leaf. All of these will be remembered as oddball electric also-rans, while the Tesla Model 3 will be remembered as the car that brought electricity to the masses. And the reason why is actually very simple.


Tesla, bafflingly, seems to be the only company that understands this. When Iíve asked various Hyundai and GM representatives whether or not their cars will be capable of fast charging, I get an enthusiastic affirmative response. But when I ask whether or not those companies plan on either making their cars compatible with Teslaís Supercharging network, or building their own fast-charging network to enable true freedom of movement, I get confused, befuddled looks.
This Is The Tesla Model 3's Biggest Design Fail

The Model 3 has one huge design flaw, and itís on the other side of the car.

That flaw? The trunk.
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