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Well I'm back from my trip and I have lots of information to lay out for you guys.

Short story- 2700 miles total, averaged 47.41mpg.

Long story-

The days leading up to the launch I replaced the radiator with a full size radiator from and Integra. Wow, it was not "bolt-in". I had to fabricate the lower mounts and the upper mounts. Took me like 3 hours to get it in there properly. I did this to cut down on the fan on time as it seemed to be on A LOT. Fan running = alternator dragging = engine load = Mpg loss.
Besides the overflow tank over filling twice on the trip, there were no problems with overheating and the fan rarely turned on. I know this because I have an Led bulb inside that illuminates when the fan is powered.

I decided to cut a 2"x8" piece out of my air dam in an effort to stop the overflow bottle from filling. It worked marginally.

While on the highway going through the hills of upstate New york, my intake air temps were getting out of control (140-150 Fahrenheit) and I had to use a lot of accelerator pedal to keep moving. This abolished my fuel mileage and I got my worst tank the whole trip (41.5mpg).

Day two, New York to Indiana. I removed the warm air intake and never saw temps get over 110 degrees. I turned my maf enhancer off and got an improvement of 1.2-4.9mpg the next 3 top offs.

The return trip home was were the high mpg started in. I'm not sure if it was a tail wind headed east or what but the next 3 top offs yielded 57.7, 53.4 and 45.3 mpg.

The last tank took a dent because we were exhausted and just wanted to get home, I cruised around 70mph and drafted nobody.

I would estimate that all the crap we packed including ourselves must have weighed 450lbs. So I'll guess and say the total car weight was about 2550lbs.

One thing I really want to change is the gearing. At 65mph I'm turning something like 2700 rpms! A nice vx or cx trans might be in the works. Maybe I'll just swap the 5th gear in or just the final drive? I'll look in to it.

Thanks for reading!
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