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Thanx gang! It's definitely exciting and I believe all my little issues will be easy fixes. I've lived with FAR more problems with my Neon for years now, so I think I can have patience for this and hopefully get them all up to snuff.

Ecky, I've browsed through your entire thread and definitely going to steal... errr... be inspired by some of your work! The trunk hatch definitely has a motor moving, but no release (but key works fine) so it is definitely the common issue many seem to have and I've already paypal'd the guy on the other forums for a replacement part (the 3D printed one). Motor mount wise, I'll be (hopefully) doing a full inspection on everything this weekend and will find what does or does not look good. Given that, I've repaired my Neon mounts 2 different ways now... 1. Hot Glue fill (lasts between months and ~4 years) 2. Urethane fill (I think I'm 7-10 years now on some and still going?!). Both solutions will definitely add vibration, so not sure how bad in this car... if too bad, then a replacement may be necessity.

MetroMPG, I remember when I did key off-on for a year or so in my Neon before I installed the kill switch. It made such a night and day difference in usability that it will undoubtedly be done in this car very soon. I haven't looked much into the clutch switch, so I'll need to research that one more, but sounds like it has some real value.

I've looked into the DIY repairs and diagnostics on the battery pack and, though it seems easy enough, I really just want a set it and forget it for the battery pack for now. Eventually, do a grid charger to keep things in check, but the sooner I get this car to a 100% (or close to), the better. I hate to spend the money, but if I don't do it this way, I probably won't do it at all. Having driven a working IMA system, I really do want it. To me, it's worth the ~$2100 to just get it done and over with. (I'm really cheap and it's hard for me to say that, but my time/patience lately is just too low). On top of that, seems that this has been sitting in a garage for years now with no starts, plus being 16 years old... what are the odds these cells can come back to life? Who knows, I got a few weeks until I have to make a decision anyways. I guess one thing I didn't see is: If I find a completely dead stick, where do you get a replacement for just that stick? (Edit: Answer: ) Plenty of research to be had, that's for sure.
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