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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
I actually understand why such project drives some people crazy and sparks a lot of controversy, as it is somewhat challenging traditions. FWD in a Firebird? Jap powertrain in an American muscle car? It's impossible to not get shocked when we see it at first.

Anyway, Bill, have you never even lurked about attempting to move the powertrain to the rear in order to keep it RWD?
Thanks for all the support folks. It is appreciated. Making major modifications just so the rear wheels would do a burn-out instead of the front ones just doesn't make sense to me. Here is why.

The handling of a modern Prius is much, much better than the handling of the original Firebird suspension. Northeast of Baltimore there is a stretch of road known locally as the "Seven Sisters." (Harford Rd approaching Gunpowder Falls.) I drove the Firebird through there many times, tires howling, body leaning and front end plowing its way through the curves. On my last visit there, I drove my Gen-III Prius on the same road and it just zipped around the curves like a sports car. (driving it faster than I would have done with the Firebird.) At the time the car had the stock suspension, my wife was in the right seat, AND I had two bicycles mounted to a roof rack on the roof. Even with all of that the handling was still precise and nearly flat in the turns. Why on Earth would I be unhappy with that set-up under the Firebrid?!?

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