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A friend's dad, a long time Bonneville salt flats racer, built what he called a 'removable shovel nose' for his collectable '65 Corvette. I don't have any pictures, but the scheme went something like this:

He wanted to be able to return the car to it's original condition some day, but toady race it in one of the production classes (no areomods) and also race it in the Lakester class, one that allows some areomods. What he did was add some receivers (like two small trailer hitch receivers) inside the grill area of the stock vette's body. Then he built a light steel framework off those two receivers. From that, he built an areodynamic 'shovel nose' that nestled up against the factory fiberglass body, but wasn't attached to it. the only attachment points were the two receiver pockets, where the afterthought nose bolted on. In fact, he removed the nose every time he transported the car, because it was so low it made it almost impossible to load the car onto a trailer for the journey to Wendover.
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