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jamesqf -- I took 'outside the box' for being about plasma cosmology.

The Oregon Electric Railway operated from 1908 to 1933, serving the length of the Willamette Valley. While operating in the red, it was bought by a consortium that turned out to be General Motors, some rubber company and the company that became Greyhound bus lines. They stacked up the rolling stock and burnt it. This is documented in an old issue of Oregon Times magazine. If I find my copy, the citation is going right into Wikipedia. It was part of all this:

Had they not, as a child I could have walked 2 miles to the line and ridden to my grandparents in Portland.

In the 2000s, the line has been under consideration as an alternative for Amtrak's Cascades and Coast Starlight passenger lines. Removing passenger service from the clogged Union Pacific track would improve the timeliness of the trains, permit higher capacity, and allow higher-speed travel, peaking at 110 MPH.[2]

Burlington Northern operated the last freight train on the Portland-Beaverton segment of this mainline on December 31, 1994, in preparation for the construction of Westside MAX, part of the TriMet light rail system.
I think TriMet is a narrow-gauge line. But doing 110 down the Willamette would be cool—better than sitting on the Coast Starlight and watching the cars go faster on I-5!

Edit: gumby79 -- I now see your post.

Good for you. That sounds like a good accomplishment. The reason I was concerned it was cranberries is the mechanical cranberry harvester took the job the Lakota Indians had harvesting by hand from canoes.

What I was hired for was to bring the Co into the current century with a new possess.
What we need next decade is to bore a tunnel/pipeline below sea level from Death Valley to the Pacific. Then have lagoons of fuel-producing algae in the sunlight.

All powered by turbines in the tunnel/pipeline.

2nd Edit: RedDevil -- Now I've looked at

Do they let you ride the little green switcher? The last steam train I rode was the Blue Goose. The right-of-way is now a bicycle path. That was the rail line Buster Keaton filmed a movie, The General, on.

Algae? Silent movies? I need to lay down.

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