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Hi, I'm Kevin from over at Fundamental Logic.
Here's a quick update on what we've been working on:

The backside (notice the LCD Display is missing ... extrapolate from it's silkscreen)

The front side (notice the large cap is missing, the V+I- header will be a right-angle floppy-power style connector and the connector in the lower right is for an optional FTDI-Cable style connector)



To the best of my knowledge, this incorporates all of the original circuitry, plus a MAX232 powered serial interface for code downloads or logging.
The plan is to create a kit containing everything required except the wire and splice connections. (There are export and production restrictions to deal with if the automotive hook-up section is included. Plus the autoparts store is more likely to carry the correct stuff.)

I'm not sure on a price point yet, but I would expect in the $30-40 range.
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