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The red paint on the wheels makes the car go faster. Jeez I thought you guys would already know that.

When I bought the car the Insight rims had some garbage chinese tires on them that had no tread left. In anticipation of winter I got some winter tires + steel rims for a shocking $60 CAD (for the whole set) on Kijiji (Canadian Craig's List) with like really good tread. However, they were a bit big (175) and the heavy steel rims really sapped the power from the car, making acceleration and turning feel terrible.

So I figured, "Oh I'll get some VX rims and throw the winter tires on there." The VX rims came with the all-season tires you see above -- I didn't realize that VX's are only 13" and I couldn't put the winter tires on them. So that was silly. But I got a deal on the VX rims -- $190 CAD for them, and the all-seasons still had over half their tread. So I've just been driving with those on.

My end game is that eventually the all seasons will be worn out and at that point I'll get RE92's for the Insight rims. I did a CBA -- assuming the RE92's give me 10 extra MPG and gas costs $2.50 USD / Gallon I'd have to drive like 20000 miles or something before I'd have paid them off in fuel savings when I could have just continued using the all-seasons tires I already have.

Also, 13" snow tires for the VX rims later maybe probably. I hear RE92's are crap in the snow.

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