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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
So you guys probably aren't actually going to run out of storage space, if that storage pattern holds for this year.

US gasoline consumption is also at a record high, and US oil production is declining, all of which will draw down those reserves as the "summer driving season" ramps up.
I wondered why that wasn't in the news. As we know, a few months back it was widely reported that storage space was running out.

Many good little Duhmericans have gone out and gotten guzzlers, even if they had something economical before. :/ And I imagine most everyone, guzzler driver or not, is racing around all over creation like a chicken with it's head cut off because of low gas prices.

You know what? Why not. And have 13 kids while you're at it. And run the heat and a/c in the house with all the windows open too. And put Autostarts on everything, and use them judiciously. Really- why not? If you can afford it or have access to the credit to "afford it" then freakin' max everything out. That's livin'.

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