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Did some stuff today.
- Cleaned EGR Valve
- Replaced a broken ground cable
- Wired thermometer probe to a radiator hose

I also inspected the car for further aero mod potential. The next step will either be the front of the exhaust tunnel in front of the resonator near the second cat, or it will be directly in front of the gas tank. I haven't come up with a plan yet. The problem is I only have a set of ramps and it's hard to get the car high enough to work under the middle of the car.

Another mod I looked at was a grill block, but I'm not sure which area to do first, top or bottom. Does anyone have an upper or lower grill block template? I have a metal called Alpolic (2 thin aluminum sheets sandwiching a layer of black plastic) and it's in a dark silver colour similar to my car so I might use that but it's difficult to cut properly and I don't know how to do a lower block w/o damaging the bumper. I do know a way to do the upper grill w/o damaging anything so maybe I'll do that first.

I've also been doing an IMA stick "reconditioning" project. I had 20 used sticks of indeterminate condition from Hybrid Revolt and I did some cycling of them over the last month. I finally got a pack together and it's in the car now getting a final grid charge before I test it out. I don't think it will be excellent, but it should be better than the original IMA. I'm pretty sure the IMA had the original set of sticks from 15 years ago. We'll see what happens.
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