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1992 VX Hatchback
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136k, I'm told it's actual mileage but haven't done a carfax. VIN is original VX. The backstory is that PO had restored to give to his gf at the time, but relationship didn't work out. AFAIK, its the original drivetrain rebuilt, with all black interior from a DX hatch. The dash is from the DX too, but I think the cluster is VX. Car was lowered with a wire tuck when I got it. Battery had been relocated behind the front bumper and the resonator chamber was gone. Been working on it for some time to source OEM parts and get it back to stock. Removed the bouncy coilovers and replaced with OEM equivalent suspension, battery is back in stock location with OEM wiring, and correct resonator & intake pieces have been sourced and installed. New front UCAs rotors calipers & pads. Car has been driven, at most a couple hundred miles since resto. PO used all honda parts did the rear brakes and installed a new exhaust back from the CAT. It even has blue honda anti-freeze. Car drives great!
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