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YKYAEM if you - get this far and are happy u found this site
" wish this site was around in 1979
" are jumping for joy that others also drift perfectly up to a stop sign ,[ neutral or engine off ]
" have gotten over the fact that others posted stuff you have been doing for decades [ they just found this site before you ]
" you are not crazy [ by yourself any more ! ]
" can fill them on the fact , that the record for cross country gas mileage was held for decades , and almost as much oil was burned as gas [but i do not know if it has been beaten yet ], but figure a lot of you all could , congrats !
" you can correct the fact , AC is the window open - down hill or coasting to a stop !
" When the route u car pool is used by the other s when they see that the route while lounger , is both quicker and more MPG efficient do to lack of stop and go on the highway !
" You are thankful people post other sites for aerodynamics , thanks for the truck Aerodynamics PDF , will be using that for my RV Toyota motor-home [20 R engine ]
" You wonder if there is a scan gauge for you older Toyota and get hope when someone posts the OBD-1 protocol PDF for Toyota [hope it works for Toyota pick up ]
" you have have learned what alot of the abbreviations are after reading this 204 page You Know You Are Eco Moder if chat ! [its taken 2 weeks]
" you know you are in the right place when they mention bikes and scooters , and not in a bad way
" you post this to give an answer to a question posted about fairings for bike = Velomobiles ! 2 and 3 wheels
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