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My experience:

Costco gives a second year of warranty on anything electronic you buy. Unlike places like best buy where they can find any reason not to honor the warranty, making it essentially worthless, Costco stands behind whatever they sell.

A couple cases in point:
Bought a front loading washer/dryer set from them. 1.5 years later, the washer no longer powers up. Snippy person at the manufacturer's support line says "out of warranty, pay $$$ for diagnosis." Called Costco and told them I wasn't satisfied with the machine. No other questions asked by them. Two days later a truck was there picking up the set and a full refund was deposited to my debit account the day after that. Ordered a new set from Costco the evening they came to pick up the old set.

Bought a 12vdc->115vac car inverter. Used it a couple times on trips. Then just under two years after buying, plugged it in and it wouldn't work. Took it back with no receipt or box, cash refund... no questions asked.

Bought some LED bulbs there in 2008. They sucked. I was going to try and remember to return them, got an automatic phone call from Costco saying to dispose of them (properly) and just ask for a refund at the counter next time you go. I did, and they refunded.

Prices are usually pretty good. Customer service is to notch. And I like the way they treat their employees.
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