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Minor modifications to this panel. I did a 900 mile drive, at the end it was a little wonky so I made some changes.

You can see at the front of the panel (bottom) I put a notch where a bolt is sticking up. There's also a hole drilled to the right where another such bolt is, I just couldn't cut that part because the reverse has the sheet metal right there. Also, I chopped a new notch on the left and right out of the diagonal corner areas. That's to avoid it getting pinched on the lower control arm bracket.

You can also see at the back (top) the holes where I put the screws. Keep in mind this is lying upside down, the passenger side is on the right and the driver side is on the left. The other dots in two lines are rivets for the sheet metal.

It fits pretty well now. You can also see I used some metal wire to tie it to the exhaust pipe just before the lower cat. This is to make sure it won't sag, similar to what I did in the back.

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