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I still hope the back seats will be able to fold forward so the car can handle transporting two people with 2 golf bags with trolley's without getting the back seats dirty.
And I wished Tesla would indeed consider an option with a more semi hatchback type for the rear as it would make the car so much more versatile. It seems to me if the glass would split where the current hinges are it doesn't compromise the head space of the passengers in the back, although the rear mirror view would suffer a little it would still be doable, there are already a few other brands who solved it that way and split the rear window, it's easy to get used to when you look in the mirror. Or otherwise why not reserve some rectangle on the lcd display for a backward camera view or an LCD mirror instead (not blocked by possible passengers) ?

I like the front as it makes a statement indeed, but I wonder where the forward license plate will go. Still did a reservation. I think it's a very exciting car.
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