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Originally Posted by Veen View Post
Because you are interrupting the signal directly with the momentary switch, it will be difficult to also add a toggle switch. The only method I can think of is to add a relay.

Use a relay to interrupt your crankcase signal. The toggle switch and momentary switch in series would be used to apply power to the control (coil) side of the relay. You could do the same thing with a FET or transistor but a relay is probably simpler.

I actually bought a 5 pin relay and a momentary off/on switch as i was originally going to do this mod via the injector fuse. I dont suppose you would be able to give me some advice on how i would have to wire the relay and everything in to do what you have suggested? I dont really have any idea where id start with relays.

Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
It might be simplest, but consider that the car's OEM switch probably cuts fueling at the injectors and the pump as the primary difference between "run" and "on." If you cut just the crank case signal, the car will probably run-on a little until it cuts fuel. Doesn't that mean fuel getting pumped into an engine not running very well anymore? Won't that mean possibly fouled plugs, and maybe a pligged CAT? Better to stop the injectors on a dime, by cutting their power, no?
Thanks for that suggestion. as mentioned above, i was originally going to kill the injectors by using a relay to disrupt the signal going to the injector fuse. But i have no idea where the injector fuse is on my car and from reading posts By 'bdc' in this thread it convinced me to just go the route of the crankcase signal. According to bdc the ecu should cut the ignotion and injectors as soon as it senses a loss of signal from the crankcase to stop it causing damage.

Any other suggestions or advice is much appreciated though.

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