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Originally Posted by Lonesome Trail View Post
I've had this idea for a while now, anyone have any experience in building your own electric utility tractor?
I've also thought about it - it's just a few project down on the priority list

I've been wanting to build my own smaller version for a while now, something I can drag my pastures with, tug the feed trailer around, etc. It doesn't need to be anything real fancy, will have standalone divorced axles and an automotive automatic transmission and transfer case...
The speed is very low for an automotive automatic transmission. I know a tiny bit about them - that they don't lock up under about 1500 rpm - so they heat up the transmission fluid at low speeds. Is there a problem with using a tractor transmission?

So instead of the 22HP industrial 2 cylinder I was planning, why not throw in a forklift motor or two? One or two to drive the axles (scrap the transmission/t-case, won't need them anymore), and one motor dedicated to run the hydraulic pump? It's a big heavy platform anyway and weight is traction, so besides the $$$ in batteries I don't see a real downside for my purposes other than $$$.
Running DC motors that slowly (20 rpm) will heat them up pretty good. I'd keep the transmission if it were my project .. but it's not.
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