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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Thingstodo, I think it's an excellent idea to get versions going here. Let's set the version you are using right now as the official "VERSION 0.1".
I've attached the version that I am running, which is listed as 1.0. I can change it to version 0.1 ... but I'm using a different compiler than you are .. since we could not get the old compiler running with my laptop when I was at your place.

Rather than post a hex file that has not been tested .. using a newer compiler ... well - I'm a paranoid , I'm posting this one.

Let's pick thingstodo's testing files as the official starting point, and then branch from there.
I'm posting them as tested.

Should we do a single project that's ONLY for induction, and one that's only for permanent magnet? I'm inclined toward that. At first it seemed no big deal to do all of them in a single file, but right now I'm finding that there are significant differences between induction+encoder, permanent magnet+encoder, permanent magnet + resolver type 1, permanent magnet + resolver type 2, permanent magnet + resolverEncoderHybrid (the Yasa motor uses this strange thing), ... I have 5 test motors, and all 5 of them are fundamentally different in their position sensing and/or motor type.
One version per motor type makes sense to me. If the code can be consistent in naming, include files, libraries, etc it will still be a chore to put them all together in one package later ... but as simple as possible is always good.

Originally Posted by wehzeh View Post
If you want to start separating them, then github would be the bets bet actually. Just start a project for induction and fork for brushless.
Github it is!

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