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Ok, looks like I gotta re-hijack my thread for a little bit

With my recent relocation so stiflingly hot Missouri, and a subsequent lack of internet access, hence by absence here, I started a little project to keep me busy.

Step 1: Strip everything off the back of the car and throw it in a pile on the garage floor.

Step 2: Get a bunch of 1" x 1/8" steel bar-stock from your local hardware store. (Aluminum would be better, but when you're using 30' of the stuff that could get really pricey.) Once you've got your bar-stock, get all creative with it.

Step 3:
Proceed to get out the arc-welder and stick everything together with really crappy welds.

Step 4:
Get a little piece of plywood to stick on the end to hold the new taillights and license plate and such.

Now all I have left to do really is get the sheet-metal, attach it, and then figure out some way of putting on a bit of plexiglass.

More pics to follow as progress and internet-access allow...

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